Sunday, February 9, 2014

Credit Score

I have tried to take a page from Dave's book and not let a credit score define me.  However, as much I wish I could, it isn't always that simple.  As we prepare to get our house started, we are NOT where dave would want us to be.  However, we are doing our plan to see whats going on.  So with this, we do need a credit score.  It does drive me alittle nutty.  A credit score is "how good you are at borrowing money and paying it back"
Right now we still have 2 more loans.  A credit card and a student loan.  We had our credit run to go thought what our best options for our house loan are.  (I hope to post the differences in a few weeks about FHA vs Conv.)  My hubby was alittle disappointed his credit score was lower then mine and alittle lower then we want for our loan.  So, now we have a goal.  Once we put our 5% down to start building our house, it is our goal to get our credit score alittle better.  The reason for the lower score is we dont have alot of open lines of credit (which I feel is AMAING) however, that is not how the FICO sees it.
We are working to pay back half of our cc so our score will go up.  And in a perfect world.. since I really wish we lived in one.  We are working to get our credit card PAID OFF before we close on our house.  I know this is alittle wishful thinking, but if we can make this happy we will be debt free minus the student loan, and with the extra money from the car loan, and the CC. we could be DEBT FREE before we know it!!
Also since Liam won't be in school this summer we get to save an extra bit of money (forget about daycare.. ;) RIGHT? lol)

My Life

I have now read the first week of my Series 7 assignments.  Honestly the only word I can use to explain it is... BLAH!!!! ;) lol
I have read and read and read.. Honestly there are so many things about common stock, preferred stock, bonds, municipal bonds, what they mean.  where they come from and worst... The crazy equations that go along with each.

On the other hand, it is pretty incredible.  I never thought that I would learn so much after school... at least from a book.  I wish that EVERY text book was written like my study guide! It is far from fun to read but gives me al the information I have need and learned.

I still have 3 weeks before I leave my current Government job and enter the private sector... But it is pretty incredible!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Intrest rate?? WhAT?

I have been looking once again, into what loan we will be using for our new home.

YES we all know the BEST option is the 100% down.. however for me.  Not gonna happen

I have been trying to figure out the differance btween APR and Intrest rate for a while... and I haev found an answer.

Thanks to Bank Of America!
If you need this hope it helps! 

When shopping for a Glossary Term:mortgage Information Panel or thinking about refinancing your mortgage, keep in mind that an advertised Glossary Term:interest rate Information Panel isn’t the same as your loan’s Glossary Term:annual percentage rate Information Panel (APR). What’s the difference?
Why the difference? The APR is intended to give you more information about what you’re really getting. By making Glossary Term:lender Information Panel fees part of the equation, you can better see the true cost of a loan and make a fair comparison.
Keep in mind that the APR is for comparison between lenders only. The interest rate quoted is the actual interest rate you would pay on the loan.
So evaluate carefully when you look at the Glossary Term:rates Information Panel lenders offer you. Compare one loan’s APR against another loan’s APR to get a fair comparison of total cost—and be sure to compare actual interest rates, too.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This is now my new life!!

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Not just ANY 7... The Series 7.   To put it simply this is commonly known as "STOCKBROKER EXAM"
Not too bad???????????? RIGHT???????????
Lets give you a few little facts
-It is a Test
- It is a SIX HOUR Exam
- 260 Questions
- Adminstred by feh Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
-You only need a 72% to pass

Wall Street & Broadway 16x24, New York, NYC, Sepia, Duotone, City, Urban, Finance, NY, Money, Photography, Photograph, Photo, Fine Art. $44.99, via Etsy.
---oh and the small fact.  I take my exam on April 11!
 Time to learn what this means.
Bear vs. Bull Markets

 And where this is

The floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall & Broad Streets. [This had to be taken before business -- it's TOO clean & TOO empty! I know this from my Wall St. working experience. This place was a "zoo" in earlier years!]
 All the rules.. Regulations and EXCITEMENT of this Very special Place!! 

If I am MIA between now and then.... Thats my excuse!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

When Life Doesn't Go Your Way!

YEAH!!! 2 posts in 1 DAY!!
Shortly after I posted my previous post I received a phone call.
I answer and the lady on the other end is from the company I interviewed with.  My heart sank. I was still not ready to feel the rejection.  I am just no good at taking rejection.

We talked for a minuet or two, as I tried to keep back the tears I could feel in my heart and on the tips of my eyes.  I put my head down, so no one would see.  She talked, and I had a hard time listening.  She stated "the managers thought I had done a great job.  They could see my passion and devotion for the position"  In my head, I keep saying over and over and over the BUT.    However it didn't come.  She finally said "They would like to offer you the position, and they were so impressed they would like you to start ASAP, our training starts March 3"


Wait a second.  you want to what?

That was my mind.  She kept talking, and she asked me a question.  I apologized, because I had no idea what she had just said.  I was still in shock, and WHAT.  She told me I would receive a phone call the following day with the full offer details, but for now to just relax and know, I've got the job.
say what!!!!


I im'ed my hub and and mother in law while I was still on the phone.
The first call I made was to my husband.  I was now holding back tears of joy.  HOW DID this happen.
He was so supportive  I got to spend the rest of the day, telling friends and family, that in a few short weeks, my degree had paid off and I would finally have a REAL CAREER!!!!

It was also nice that almost every one of my employees was sad to hear the news.  They were happy for me, but sad for them.

Hopefully now I will have even more financial knowledge to stare!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited to transfer to a university this spring! New life , new people, and I get to leave all the bad memories behind!

When preparation still isn't enough!

I think you would have to be a little out of the loop to not get, that I REALLY WANT this job i'm going for.  Well my interview was yesterday.  I returned home, feeling completely and totally deflated.
It made me think of the office episode when Michael talks about his weaknesses and he is "TOO MOTIVATED"  well, that was me.  I want this job so much that I think I even scared myself.  I was so driven that I drove off the cliff.  After a 1.5 hr orientation we went to the interview.  I interviewed with 2 managers, one male and one female.  It was way cool.  I got started talking.... and it was like BLAH.... I just kept talking and talking and I swear all they could do was not stick a sock in my mouth.  I feel like the "perfect" candiate, however... I think I was portrayed as fake.  However that was my true emotion, it wasn't fake, it was the real me.  After the 1 hr + interview, it was time for the test.
After the interview, the thought in my head was... whats the point.  I KNOW that after the interview, they wont want me.. However I prepped this much, i might as well try.  It wasn't a difficult test, however it was an annoying one.. which made my head hurt.  If you know what im talking about.  I was so happy when I was done, and was so ready to go home.
I get to my car, ready to call my hubby, cry and lament about my heartbreak.. HOWEVER my phone is dead.  REALLY how, I had like 40% batt when I went in..  I then had to spend the WHOLE drive home thinking over it... over and over and over again.  Trying to figure out what I had even said.  Honestly, I couldn't even put that hour interview back into my head to break it down.

All of my employees at work, knew I had the interview, I was trying to figure out how I was gonna tell EVERYONE that I SUCK.. That is how I felt.  I didn't want to have to explain myself, but I told everyone I was going in, so I was stuck.  I didn't know what to do.

On the drive home, I did one of those things you NEVER should do.  I asked My Liam (6yr old) "Mommy went for a job interview do you think I got the job? Yes or No"  Response.  "YES"  I wasn't sure how to process that, more then anything it just made my heart hurt more.

After picking up my boys i FINALLY got home.  First thing I did was plug in my phone and used the house phone to call my honey... NO ANSWER.... ARG.  I was feeling so crummy I just wanted to hear my sweeties voice.  I had to sit and think through it even more. I started to think of other firms I should prepare to apply for.  I was not sure I would be willing to go back to the same place again, and even show my face.
I finally got to talk to my sweetheart.  He was so sweet and supportive. I told him about the process and he kept saying "you totally have the job" "don't doubt yourself, you have this"  It was sweet, however I knew that he was just trying to be the wonderful and supportive husband he is.

Not sure how, but I did get some sleep.  Walking into work the next day was rough.  It felt like the walk of shame.  I told many that I felt I did really bad.  I had a few that were quite happy, because they don't want me to leave.  So that was nice knowing that people still wanted me around.
what else could I do?
desire ... trouble in our hands, safe in the Lord's hands -- Psalm 37:4

I spent alot of the evening before praying and trying to cope.  The Lord is always there, and has a plan for us, even if we REALLY hate the consequences!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interview Preperation!

I spent most of the day yesterday planning and researching for my pending interview.  Tomorrow will decide my next few months and ON TO YEARS.  I'm hoping God will provide and that what I think is right for me is, however only God knows what I am ready for.  However, that doesn't mean I don't have to prepare.

Ask & it will be given to you; seek & you will find; knock & the door will be opened to you.  Matthew 7:7
We all want it to be simple and easy, however God is not capable of giving us blessings, gifts, or guidance if we are not ready to receive them.

I still feel that there is still so much more I need to learn, however, I'm willing to do all that I need to, to be ready.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pintrest I found some great helpful topics.  I read though a bunch of tips and wrote down alot of the common questions asked.  I filled about half a notebook with notes to prepare me, and I feel like I am about ready for this challenge.  I also wrote answers to each one of the questions. 
1: I feel that my resume and cover letter were perfected a few weeks ago. (about 2 days after I received the notification of interview #2) then
2: I spent about a week or two preparing for the Critical Thinking assessment.  I was silly and Googled "critical thinking assessment" I received MANY brain teaser questions like...

"You have only an 8-liter jug and a 3-liter jug. Both containers are unmarked. You need exactly 4 liters of water. 

How can you get it, if a water faucet is handy?"
Really, you have GOT TO ME KIDDING ME!!
These types of questions are NOT good for me.  My mind doesn't think that way, however I worked and worked and practiced and practiced.  Then I downloaded an app on my phone.  That way no matter were I am, I can prepare.   The app was WAY better then the silly brain teasers.  They were thought out real questions.  TOUGH non the less, they really make you think, but I loved it!
3: I spent the weekend and yesterday preparing for the interview. I have my clothes laid out, I have my answers ready, and I spent a few years researching the company.  On almost every site I read I needed to know about the company.  I knew alot, however I didnt realize how LITTLE I really did know.  Actually made me sad to realize I know so little about my current job. However, im looking forward and working foward!!
I want to end with a quote.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. [Motivational Quote] [Motivational Poster] 

I swear one day I will go back to budgeting... However, I think all enjoy a good real life from time to time.